Questions and Answers

What are the Benefits of Option Trading?

In a word...big profits. Options provide an enormous leveraging advantage over stocks with the ability to clearly define risk limits.

Using options you can participate in the growth of the very best companies without needing huge amounts of money to invest.

1,000 shares of a $100 per share company would cost $100,000. But you can achieve control of 1,000 shares of the same company using options for perhaps $5,000. When the stock price then goes up, the option price will also rise but in an accelerated or magnified way.

This is how triple digit returns are achieved using options.

What is the potential for earning money?

Results in trading vary wildly. Just know that becoming a full time trader is a process and not a single leap, it is a process.

Once having success in paper trading, you will gradually transition into real money trading. Your first trades should be small with real money.

With your profits, your trading account can then begin to grow.

The challenge with going "pro" or "full Time" is the emotional side of trading can become more pronounced.

This is one reason that you should keep your 'day job' until your trading is proven and your account can overcome any losses to pay your living expenses you should have at least one year of salary saved before going full time and a 70%-80% wins ratio is a good plan to implement. To learn more about trading and options enroll in our free e-trading course at teach me to trade sent to your email.